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Manuscripts under Review:

​​[76] N.A. Mazlan, A. Lewis, C. Zheng, F.S. Butta, J. Han, N. Radacsia, S. Yang, Y. Huang*, Photocatalytic Self-Cleaning Graphene Oxide-ZnO Hybrid Membrane for Ultrafast Cyclic Small Organic Molecule Separation, Applied Materials Today, under review, 23/09/2023.

[75] F.S. Butt, M. Safdar, A. Lewis, N.A. Mazlan, N. Radacsi, X. Fan, H. Arellano-García, Y. Huang,* Superhydrophobic ZIF-67 with Excellent Hydrostability and Its Derived Cobalt Oxide Nanocatalyst for Carbon Dioxide Methanation, Materials Today Advances, under review, 09/2023.

[74] F.S. Butt, N.A. Mazlan,  A. Lewis, J. Han, N. Radacsi, X. Fan, Y. Yang, S. Yang, Y. Huang,* Novel Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework-8 Nanosheet Assemblies for Large-Capacity Dye Adsorption, Chemical Engineering Journal Advances, under review, 09/2023.

[73] S. Zhang, Y. Huang, S. Gan, B. Liu,* Production of Linear Alkylbenzene over Ce Containing Beta Zeolites, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, under review, 06/2023.

[72] Z. Yue, S. Shao, J. Yu, G. Lu, W. Wei, Y. Huang, K. Zhang, K. Wang, X. Fan,* Improve the Conversion Rate and Selectivity of Aromatic Monomers in Lignin Photocatalytic Conversion Reaction via Phase Junction Cadmium Sulphide Nanoparticles and External Hydrogen Supplier, Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, under review, 09/2023.

[71] J. Han, K. Wang, H. Lu, Z. Zhang, Z. Li, L. Zhou, S. Chen, Q. Meng, Y. Du, A. Lewis, Y. Huang,* Lithium Aluminium Titanium Phosphate Based Ceramic Composite Membrane for Selective Lithium-Ion Separation via a Scalable Membrane-based Electrodialysis Process, Separation and Purification Technology, under review08/2023.

[70] N.S. Nguyen, Y.L. Zhu, X.Y. Li, J.Y. Chan, R.W. Ou, X.F. Chen, W. Shen, Y. Huang, X.W. Zhang, T.W. Xu, H.T. Wang,* “Lithium-Ion Conducting Ceramic Membrane for Sustainable Lithium Mining and Recycling, Nature Sustainability, under review, 11/2022.

Manuscripts under revision:

[69] F.S. Butt, A. Lewis, F. Dingwall, N.A. Mazlan, N. Radacsi, X. Fan, X. Chen, Y. Yang, S. Yang, Y. Huang,* ZIF-8 with exceptional thermal stability: Role of organic co-solvent in crystalline phase control and structure stabilization, Materials Today Chemistry, under revision, 08/2023.

[68] T. Chen,† X. Wei,† A. Lewis, N.A. Mazlan, F.B. Butt, B. Liu, G. Gu, N. Radacsi, H. Wang, S. Yang, Y. Huang,* Interfacial synthesis of new water-resistant self-scrolling metal-organic monacid framework sheets, Angewandte Chemie, under revision, 06/2023. (†equal contribution)

[67] Z. Salahuddin, Y. Huang, S. Farrukh,* X. Fan, Enhancement in corrosion protection of mild steel by application of h-BN nanosheets based hybrid coatings, under revision at Journal of Materials Science, 03/2023.

Peer-Reviewed Articles:

[66] A. Liu, X. Wei, S. Lin, L. Ding, Y. Huang, X. Fan, P. Li*, C.H. Lau*, Photo-modulated regeneration of hypercrosslinked polymer adsorbents for water treatment, Separation and Purification Technology, accepted on 18/09/2023.

[65] G. Lu, Z. Wang, Z. Yue, W. Wei, Y. Huang, X. Zhang, X. Fan,* Development of Novel AMP-based Absorbents for Efficient CO2 Capture with Low Energy Consumption through modifying the electrostatic potential, Chemical Engineering Journal,  Available online 9 September 2023.

[64] Y. Huang; M. Wang; Y. Huang; J. Shang, B. Liu,* Mesoporous Beta zeolites with controlled distribution of Brønsted acid sites for alkylation of benzene with cyclohexeneResults in Engineering, available online 1 September 2023.

[63] B. Liu,* W. Lu, Y. Liu, Q. Feng, Y. Huang, J. Shang, Y. Zhu, J. Dong, Synthesis of Dodecylbenzene via the Alkylation of Benzene and 1-Dodecene over Mesopore Beta Zeolites AIChE Journal, First published: 01 August 2023

[62] Y. Xue, X. Ma, X. Feng, S. Roberts, G. Zhu, Y. Huang, X. Fan, J.Fan, X. Chen,* Temperature derived purification of gold bipyramids and its application in colorimetric detection of tannic acidACS Applied Nano Materials, 2023, 6, 13, 11572–11580.

[61] F.S. Butt, A. Lewis, R. Riccardo, N.A. Mazlan,  T. Chen, N. Radacsi, E. Mangona, X. Fan, Y. Yang, S. Yang, Y. Huang,* Highly-Controlled Soft-Templating Synthesis of Hollow ZIF-8 Nanospheres for Selective CO2 Separation and Storage, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2023, 15, 26, 31740–31754. 

[60] L. Zhou, S. Wang, M. Zheng, J. Han,* R. Liu, A. Lewis, Y. Huang, J. Yun,* Efficient Mineralization of Organic Pollutants in Water by Catalytic Ozonation over Calcium Catalysts, Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers, 145, April 2023, 104804.

[59] B. Liu,* F. Xiong, J. Zhang, M. Wang, Y. Huang, Y. Fang, J. Dong, Enhanced ortho-selective t–butylation of phenol over sulfonic acid functionalized mesopore MTW zeolitesChinese Journal of Chemical Engineering, available online 8 March 2023.

[58] X. Feng, Y. Xue, S. Gonca, K. Ji, M. Zhang, F. Garcia Garcia, Q. Li, Y. Huang, K. Kamenev, X. Chen,* Ultrasmall superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles for enhanced tumor penetration, Just accepted by Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 11, 2023, 3422-3433.

[57] F. Xiong, C. Ji, S. Gan, P. Liang, Y. Huang, J. Shang, B. Liu,* J. Dong, Tuning the mesoscopically structured ZSM-5 nanosheets for the alkylation between toluene and methanolAIChE Journal, 2023.

[56] M. Shao, D. Lopes, J. Lopes, S.Yousefiasl, A. Macário-Soares, D. Peixoto, I. Ferreira-Faria, F. Veiga, J. Conde, Y. Huang, X. Chen, A. Paiva-Santos, P. Makvandi, Exosome Membrane-Coated Nanosystems: Exploring Biomedical Applications in Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy, Matter (Cell Press), Accepted on 16 December 2022.

[55] Y. Huang, F. Xiong, Z. Zou, Y. Huang, Z. Zhao, B. Liu,* J. Dong, Fabrication of Beta Zeolite Nanocrystal Aggregates for Alkylation of Benzene and Cyclohexene, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 2023, 62, 1, 190–198.

[54] A. Lewis, F Butt, X. Wei, N. Mazlan,  Z. Chen, Y. Yang, S. Yang,* N. Radacsi, X. Chen, Y. Huang,* Crystallization and phase selection of zeolitic imidazolate frameworks in aqueous cosolvent systems: The role and impacts of organic solventsResults in Engineering, 2023, 17, 100751.

[53] S.N. Nam, C.M. Park, M. Jang, Y. Huang, A. Son, Y. Yoon*, Review of boron nitride-based membranes in liquid purification/separation applicationsChemical Engineering Journal, Volume 453, 2023, 139740

[52] J. Chen, S. Zhang, M. Wang, Y. Huang, Z. Zhao, B. Liu,* J. Dong, Controllable synthesis of mesoporous KL zeolites via a simple one-step strategy, Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 2022, 346, 112312.

[51] A. Lewis, T. Chen, N. Mazlan, F Butt, X. Wei, N. Radacsi, X.F. Chen, Y. Yang, S. Yang,* Y. Huang,* Growth of Nanostructured Antibacterial Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework Coatings on Porous Surfaces, ACS Applied Nano Materials, Publication Date: September 19, 2022. Cover Article!!

[50] B. Liu,* Z. Liao, C. Ding, F. Butt, Y. Huang, J. Dong, Efficient production of linear alkylbenzene by liquid-phase alkylation of benzene with 1-dodecene over MWW zeolites, Molecular Catalysis,  2022, 531, 112642.

[49] T. Chen, F.S. Butt, X.M. Wei, N. Malzlan, S.V. Alvarez, Y. Huang*, Designing energy-efficient separation membranes: knowledge from nature for a sustainable futureAdvanced Membranes, 2022, 2, 100031.  ​​Invited open access Article

[48] N. Mazlan, F Butt, A. Lewis, Y. Yang, S. Yang, Y. Huang,* The Growth of Metal-Organic Frameworks in the Presence of Graphene Oxide: A Mini Review, Membranes, 2022, 12(5), 501. ​Invited open access Article as a Featured Paper in Membrane Engineering and Applications

[47] F Butt, A. Lewis, T. Chen, N. Mazlan, X. Wei, J. Hayer, S.Chen, J. Han,* Y. Yang, S. Yang, Y. Huang,* Lithium Harvesting from the Most Abundant Primary and Secondary Sources: A Comparative Study on Conventional and Membrane Technologies (Invited Editor Review), Membranes,  2022, 12, 373. ​Invited open access Article!!

[46] A. Lewis, T. Chen, F Butt, X. Wei, N. Radacsi, X. Fan, Y. Huang,* Facile Fabrication of Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework Hollow Fibre Membranes via A Novel Scalable Continuous Fluid Circulation Process, Nanoscale,  2021, 13, 14644-14655. ​Front Cover Article!!

[45] J. Han, X. Zeng, K. Wang, Y. Huang,* Q. Meng, L. Zhou, Z. Li, R. Liu, C. Zhen, Research Progress and Prospect of Membrane Method in Seawater/Brine Extraction of Lithium, Acta Materiae Compositae Sinica, published online, 01/07/2021.

[44] D.S. Shade, W.P. Mounfield, Y. Huang, B. Marszalek, K.S. Walton, An Automated Multi-Component Gas Adsorption System (MC GAS), Review of Scientific Instruments,92, 054102, 2021.

[43] T. Chen, F.S. Butt, A. Lewis, N. Radacsi, A.J.C. Semiao, Y. Huang*, Ultra-Permeable Graphene Oxide Lamellar Membrane Intercalated by Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework, Chemical Engineering Journal, 419, 2021, 129507.

[42] B. Liu, J. Huang, Z. Liao, C. Zhu, Q. Chen, G. Sheng, Y. Zhu, Y. Huang, J. Dong, Integrating Pore Interconnectivity and Adaptability in a Single Crystal Hierarchical Zeolite for Liquid AlkylationAIChE Journal, e17177, 2021.

[41] Y. Huang,† Y. Jiao,† T. Chen,† Y. Gong,† S. Wang, Y. Liu, D.S. Sholl, K.S. Walton, Tuning the Wettability of Metal−Organic Frameworks via Defect Engineering for Efficient Oil/Water Separation, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 2020, 12, 30, 34413–34422. (†equal contribution)

[40] T. Chen, A. Lewis, Z. Chen, X. Fan, N. Radacsi, A.J.C. Semiao, H. Wang, Y. Huang*, Smart ZIF-L mesh films with switchable superwettability synthesized via a rapid energy-saving processSeparation and Purification Technology, 240, 116647, 2020.

[39] B.M. Jun, S. Kim, J. Heo, C.M. Park, N. Her, M. Jang, Y. Huang, J. Han,  Y. Yoon, MXenes as New Materials for Energy  Storage/Delivery and Environmental Applications, Nano Research, 12, 471–487, 2019.

[38] H.G.T. Nguyen, L. Espinal, R.D. van Zee, M. Thommes, B. Toman, S.L. Hudson, E. Mangano, S. Brandani, D. Broom, K. Cychosz, P. Bertier, F. Yang, B. M. Krooss, R. Siegelman, J.R. Long, Y. Nakada, K. Nakai, A. Ebner, L. Erden, J. A. Ritter, A. Moran, O. Talu, Y. Huang, K.S. Walton, P. Billemont, G. de Weireld, Correction to: A reference high-pressure CO2 adsorption isotherm for ammonium ZSM-5 zeolite: results of an interlaboratory study, Adsorption, 24( 7), 1-1, 2018.

[37] H.G.T. Nguyen, L. Espinal, R.D. van Zee, M. Thommes, B. Toman, S.L. Hudson, E. Mangano, S. Brandani, D. Broom, K. Cychosz, P. Bertier, F. Yang, B. M. Krooss, R. Siegelman, J.R. Long, Y. Nakada, K. Nakai, A. Ebner, L. Erden, J. A. Ritter, A. Moran, O. Talu, Y. Huang, K.S. Walton, P. Billemont, G. de Weireld, A Reference High-Pressure CO2 Adsorption Isotherm For Ammonium ZSM-5 Zeolite: Results of An Interlaboratory Study, Adsorption, 24( 6), 531-539, 2018.

11 laboratories specialising in adsorption analysis were selected worldwide for this competition.

[36] M. Agrawal†, S. Bhattacharyya†, Y. Huang† (†Equal Contribution), K.C. Jayachandrababu†, C.R. Murdock, J. Bentley, A. Rivas-Cardona, M.M. Mertens, K.S. Walton, D.S. Sholl, S. Nair, Liquid Phase Multicomponent Separation of Xylene Mixtures by Flexible Mil-53 Adsorbents, Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 122 (1), 386–397 (2018).

Before joining the University of Edinburgh

[35] K.H. Chu, Y. Huang, M. Yu, J. Heo, J. Flora, A. Jang, M. Jang, C. Jung, C.M. Park, D.H. Kim, Y. Yoon, Evaluation of Graphene Oxide-Coated Ultrafiltration Membranes for Humic Acid Removal at Different pH And Conductivity Conditions, Separation and Purification Technology, 181, 139-147, 2017.

[34] K.H. Chu, Y. Huang, M. Yu, N. Her, J. Flora, C.M. Park, S. Kim, J. Cho, Y. Yoon Evaluation of Humic Acid and Tannic Acid Fouling in Graphene Oxide-coated Ultrafiltration Membranes. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 8, 22270–22279 (2016).

[33]# Z.N. Song,  M. Fathizadeh,  Y. Huang,  L. Wang,  W. Xu,  M. Yu, TiO2 Nanofiltration Membranes Prepared by Molecular Molecular Layer Deposition for Water Purification. Journal of Membrane Science, 510, 72–78 (2016). Highlighted by the HigBeam Research

[32] Z.W. Zong, X.H. Feng, Y. Huang, Z.N. Song, R.F. Zhou, S.J. Zhou, M.A. Carreon, M. Yu, S. G. Li, Highly Permeable N2/CH4 Separation SAPO-34 Membranes Synthesized by Diluted Gels and an Increased Crystallization Temperature. Microporous and Mesoporous Materials, 224, 36–42 (2015).

[31] Y. Huang, L. Wang, Z.N. Song, S.G. Li, M. Yu, Growth of High-Quality, Thickness-Reduced Zeolite Membranes towards N2/CH4 Separation Using High-Aspect-Ratio Seeds. Angewandte Chemie International Edition, 127, 10993–10997 (2015). Featured as Back Cover Article. Highlighted by Nanowerk, Wiley-VCH Hot Topics, Angewandte Chemie

[30] Y. Huang, H. Li, L. Wang, Y.L. Qiao, C.B. Tang, C. Jung, Y.M. Yoon, S.G. Li, M. Yu, Ultrafiltration Membranes with Structure-Optimized Graphene Oxide Coatings for Anti-Fouling Oil/Water Separation. Advanced Materials Interfaces, 2, 1400443–1400450 (2015). Highlighted by the Journal as Top 1 Most-Read Full Research Papers between 2014 and 2015, and Top 5 in 2016.

[29]# Z.N. Song, Y. Huang, W.W. Xu, L. Wang, Y. Bao, S.G. Li, M. Yu, Continuously Adjustable, Molecular-Sieving “Gate” on 5A Zeolite for Distinguishing Small Organic Molecules by Size. Scientific Reports (published by the Nature Publishing Group), 5, Article number: 13981 (2015).

[28] X.J. Zhang, L. Wang, S.Q. Chen, Y. Huang, Z.N. Song, M. Yu, Photocatalytic CO2 Reduction under Visible Light Using Ti3+-Doped TiO2 with Anatase-Rutile Phase Junction. Frontiers of Chemical Science & Engineering, 9, 349–358 (2015). Invited Paper, Dedicated to the 120th Anniversary of Tianjin University

[27] S. Li, Z. Zong, S.J. Zhou, Y. Huang, Z.N. Song, X. Feng, R. Zhou, H.S Meyer, M.A. Carreon, M. Yu, SAPO-34 Membranes for N2/CH4 Separation: Preparation, Characterization, Separation Performance and Economic Evaluation. Journal of Membrane Science, 487, 141–151 (2015). 

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Highlighted by Science Daily, Nature World News, Chemistry World, Nanotechnology Now,, Desalination & Water Reuse, International Business Times,_connect, Design & Trend, Blue Tech Research, HNGN Headings & Global News, National Monitor, Water Technology, USC Times,, Planet Tech

[22]# P.A. Zapata, Y. Huang, M.A. Gonzalez-Borja, D.E. Resasco, Silylated Hydrophobic Zeolites with Enhanced Tolerance to Hot Liquid Water. Journal of Catalysis, 308, 82–97 (2013). Invited Paper for the 50th Anniversary Special Issue

[21] A. Ausavasukhi; Y. Huang, A.T. To, T. Sooknoi, D.E. Resasco, Hydrodeoxygenation of m-Cresol over Gallium-Modified Beta Zeolite Catalysts. Journal of Catalysis, 290, 90–100 (2012).

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Book Chapter

[8] J. Ho, M.K. Danquah, Y. Huang, S. Liu. The Role of Colloidal Delivery Systems in Genetic Therapeutics, pp 177–195, in M. Fanun Ed., Colloids in Biotechnology. USA. CRC Press (Taylor and Francis Group), 2010. Invited Book Chapter


PhD Thesis

[7] Y. Huang, Zeolite nanocrystals and hierarchical porous structures: synthesis, characterization and formation mechanism, Monash University, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering, 2011.


Peer-Reviewed Proceedings          

[6]# D.E. Resasco, P. Zapata, Y. Huang, L. Zhang , Sylilated hydrophobic zeolites with enhanced tolerance to hot liquid water (Abstract Paper), 247th National Spring Meeting of the American-Chemical-Society (ACS) (16 Mar 2014).

[5]# P. Zapata, J. Faria, Y. Huang, R. Jentoft, D.E. Resasco, Improved Thermal Stability of Silylated HY Zeolites Under Reaction Conditions in Water/Oil Emulsions, 23rd North American Catalysis Society Meeting (2013)

[4] B. Zhu, L. Zou, Y.S. Lin, A. Hill, H.T. Wang, Y. Huang, M.Duke, The Influence of Seawater Ions on the Structural Features of MFI, FAU and LTA Zeolites (paper), Nanoscience and Nanotechnology (ICONN), Published by IEEE Xplore Digital Library (2010).

[3]  Y. Huang,  A.J. Hill,  H.T. Wang,  Hydrothermal Synthesis of Multi-Modal Porous Faujasite Zeolites with Tunable Particle Sizes (paper). Engineering Our Future: Are We up to the Challenge? pp 928-938, 27-30 September 2009, Burswood Entertainment Complex.

[2]  Y. Huang,  A.J. Hill,  H.T. Wang,  Template-Free Synthesis of Porous  Zeolite  NaY  Particles with Hierarchical Nanostructures and Controllable Sizes (paper). AIChE Conference Proceedings (2009).

[1] Y. Huang, A.J. Hill, H.T. Wang, Synthesis of Size Distribution Controllable Zeolite Nanocrystals via a Novel Confined Space Strategy (paper). AIChE Conference Proceedings (2008).


Manuscripts to be submitted:

[90] R. Krishnamoorti, N. Radacsia, S. Yang, Y. Huang*, Positively charged Surfactant-intercalated graphene oxide membranes for Nanofiltration performance Y. Huang*, to be submitted, 08/2023.​

[89] Y. Gong,†, A. Lewis,† Fraz S. Butt,  Y. Jiao, J. Joshi, Y. Huang,* K.S. Walton,* Recrystallization of  UiO-66 Structure in Hot Liquid Water, to be submitted, 2023.

[88] Z. Salahuddin, F. Butt, R. Krishnamoorti, Y. Huang*, Two-dimensional (2D) polymer nanocomposites: A critical review with a focus on the benefits of using 2D materials as nanofillers, to be submitted, 08/2023.​

[87] Z. Chen, A. Lewis, N. Radacsia, S. Yang, Y. Huang*, Control the metal-cation cross-linking to the synthesis of high-quality graphene oxide membranes for water treatment, to be submitted, 08/2023.​

[86] A. Lewis, F.S. Butt, N.A. Mazlan, Z. Chen, N. Radacsia, X. Fan, S. Yang, Y. Huang*, Aqueous-Solvent ZIF-8 Fabrications: The Role of Solvents in The Kinetics of Formation and Dye Adsorptions, to be submitted, 08/2023.​

​​​[85] X. Wei, T. Chen, Q. Jia, H. Zhang, N.A. Mazlan, N. Radacsia, S. Yang, Y. Huang*, Superhydrophobic ZOmAF-18-SS meshes with excellent chemical stability for oil-water separation, to be submitted, 08/2023.​​​​

[84] X. Wei, T. Chen, Q. Jia, N.A. Mazlan, N. Radacsia, Y. Huang*, On the Hydrochemical Stability of Silk Fibroin Protein Coated ZIF-L Structures, to be submitted, 08/2023.​​​​

[83] X. Wei, A. Gopal, T. Chen, L. Ding, Q. Jian, A. Lewis, F.S. Butta, R. Krishnamoorti, N. Radacsia, X. Chen, S. Yang, Y. Huang*, Facile Hierarchical growth of ZIF-8 on various substrates for biomedical application and environmental remediation, to be submitted, 08/2023.​

​​​[82] N.A. Mazlan, F.S. Butta, A. Lewis, R. Krishnamoorti, S. Chen, N. Radacsia, S. Yang, Y. Huang*, Reduced Graphene Oxide-PDA/Co-ZIF-8 Aerogel Composite Material for Heavy Metals adsorption, to be submitted, 08/2023.​

​​​[81] N.A. Mazlan, F.S. Butta, A. Lewis, R. Krishnamoorti, S. Chen, N. Radacsia, S. Yang, Y. Huang*, Reduced Graphene Oxide-PDA/ZIF-8 Aerogel Composite Material for efficient dyes adsorption, to be submitted, 08/2023.

​​​[80] N.A. Mazlan, M. Duncan, A. Lewis, F.S. Butta, X. Wei, N. Radacsia, S. Yang, Y. Huang*, Rapid in Air Low Power UV-Light Induced Reduction of Graphene Oxide for Robust Water Remediation, to be submitted, 08/2023.

[78] Y. Xue, Y. Yang, M. Ye, X. Feng, T. Munshi, Y. Huang, X. Fan, E. Hosseini-Beheshtid, S. Yang, X. Chen, Gold bipyramids for highly sensitive detection of TBHQ, to be submitted, 08/2023.

[77] P. Makvandi, P. Hazelton, M. Ye, R. Jamaledin, A. Thomson, Y. Yang, Y.Xue, S. Dimartino, N. Radacsi, C. Moran, Y. Huang, S. Yang, X. Chen, Clinical ultrasound device remotely-induced gelation: In situ formation and imaging of hydrogel, to be submitted, 08/2023.


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